Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Little Bit of My Sock

We had a nice Easter! We made 8 little Easter Baskets full of chocolate this year. Saturday, we had Joe's children, spouses and grandchildren for a late lunch. Sunday, we all went to Heather's house for Easter. We delivered 5 little Baskets to Gabby, Alec, Crosby, Sophie and Jack for the Easter Bunny. Kim and Todd are coming here for dinner this evening. Two more Easter Baskets will go home with Kayla and Matthew. Tomorrow, we will deliver a Basket to Alexis. Jayden doesn't know about the Easter Bunny and Chocolate yet!

As you all know, a family gathering for us is a BIG event. If everyone shows up; we have 25. Joe and I just about have it down to an art. The key is having everything ready and a buffet area designated. We feed the children first; there were only 5 children on Saturday; usually we have 8 - 10 children. Then, the adults fix their plates and find a place to sit and eat. After that; you are on your own.

OTN - I started a mindless knitting project. I desperately needed one. I can't decide what shrug/cocoon I want to knit with my new Rowan; so I started this shrug from Knit2Together. I am knitting it in SWTC's bamboo. It is completely k2p2 ribbing for the body of the shrug. After that, you knit some really beautiful lace to go around the edges. Until then, this is my knitting for Knit Night Out and late evenings.

This is the beaded sock design (it's kinda hard to see the beads in this shot) that I have been working on. The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Poppy knit on #2 dps. There has been a lot of tinking going on. I frogged it the last time to change 2 stitches. The stitch at the beginning and end of my dps. One or two stitches can make a big difference in the way your sock looks. The second sock of this design will probably be knit on #1.5 to see the difference in size. #1.5 is my personal preference for knitting socks.

One of my knitting girlfriends, Debbie W., likes the pattern "between" the design. So, I have been trying to chart that to see if I can achieve that look as a design on it's own.

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Sonya said...

Your Easter sounded wonderful!
When we all get together there is about 22 of us We are a rowdy group, but we have fun. Congrats on the beautiful addition to the family!