Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sock Update 3

I am really enjoying knitting this sock for two reasons: 1) I love CPY's Panda Cotton - it has such a silkiness in hand; 2) I am enjoying this rib. I haven't knitted the pebble rib before. It has just enough change in it that you have to pay attention.
I have 6" of ribbing completed along with the heel flap, heel turn and am now decreasing in the gusset area. I have folded it down for ease of photographing and found that I really like the texture on the backside/inside of the ribbing.

Today is the Saturday Knit Together at Books A Million. I am picking up granddaughter Alexis and we are going to go knit for a few hours. She hasn't seen her "knitting friends" in quite some time now! Having Alexis in the shop last Summer was so much fun. People would come in and see her sitting on the sofa knitting. They would ask "Is she knitting" and at second glance, ask incredulously "Is she knitting a sock?"

First, we will probably have a lite lunch at Que Pasa as she like the cheese dip there! I will snap a few pics for the blog.

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Metronous said...

Quick question - what size needle are you using with the Panda Cotton? I'm working on a pair now on US 1 circs and think I should go down a size. Also, would you please publish the pebble rib directions?