Monday, April 16, 2007

Yarn Arrived in Today's Mail

A box of sock yarn from Crystal Palace came in Today's Mail! I have never been crazy about getting mail unless there's cool stuff in the mailbox. Magazines, Christmas cards, plant/seed/orchid catalogs, money or knitting accouterment. Sock yarn does qualify!

Skeins on the left are Panda Wool and the skeins on the right are Panda Cotton both are from Crystal Palace Yarns. Solid colors of sock yarn! Wahoo!

These skeins are out front because they have to be knit first! They are the yarns that were chosen to knit socks for the new photo on the Ann Norling 12A basic sock pattern pattern. They need these yesterday; so knitting begins in the morning. I will photo and post every day so you can see how I am progressing. There were a couple other balls of yarn that I am holding back for later. They are pretty hints! I will be working on these projects at Knit Night Out on Thursdays.

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Patricia said...

Missed you last night at BAM knit night. I needed some assistance on the Knot Head baby sock pattern. The new yarns look candylicious!