Friday, July 6, 2007

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Seven Things about Me -

1) I am a lefty! I learned to crochet left-handed as a child spending time with my Grandmothers. My favorite crochet is lace with bedspread weight cotton. After years of having to convert patterns; I knew I wanted to knit right-handed. I find it very easy and have never regretted it for one minute. 2) I am scared to death of snakes. Joe puts moth balls everywhere outside in the early Spring to keep them away from the house, patio and flower beds. It didn't keep the one that was climbing the side of our house eating the lizards away! Joe said it was a chicken snake. He killed it with his golf club! (it was the closest thing he could find) 3) I love Baseball! and I love the Astros; win or lose. I prefer they win, of course, but remain a fan always. I also love to watch pretty much every team; even the Yankees. I love the sounds of baseball; the crack of the bat, the Umpire calling strikes, crowd noises and the music played during the games - Take Me Out to the Ball Game! Go B G O! 4) I garden. I am one of those Gardeners in the front yard, bent over, behind in the air; digging in the dirt! No honking when you drive by, please. I like all tropical flowering plants. About April, I start making all the garden centers loading up with annuals and tropicals. I start dragging the big stuff home in May. I lost my large Bird of Paradise to Rita (salt water kills just about everything); and promised Joe I wouldn't buy another one until we get moved. It's been hard to keep my word since Home Depot had them for $20!!! 5) I could eat Mexican food e v e r y day of the week. Friday is always Margarita night at our house! The more margaritas I drink; the more Spanish I remember; usually not typical conversational Spanish. (giggle) 6) I have a Pug named Tugley; Tug for short. He makes every step I make thru day. He sits beside me in my chair in the evenings while I knit watching baseball with Joe. 7) I am a "bag" lady. You can't have too many bags. Big bags to take to the flea market, shopping, overnight, makeup, knitting, tapestry, leather, Tugley stuff; you get the picture. TaDa!

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Ruth said...

Hi Debbie

I just started reading your blog and was amazed that I recognized different places that you mentioned. I am a knitter (expecially of socks) and reside in the Rochester, NY area. However I do have family (my sister and a niece) in the Houston area (Magnolia). The house that you are building looks lovely and I know that you are more than anxious to move in. I have experienced that myself a few times having built three houses and the last two houses were not finished when I had to be out of the one that had been sold. Everything works out for the best but it can certainly be a very trying time. Make wonderful memories in your new home and keep up the knitting. . . . Ruth