Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Knitting Panda Silk Sock

I received a ball of Panda Silk in the tone-on-tone colors (specifically the shaded oranges) day before yesterday. Susan, of Crystal Palace Yarns, requested a plain sock to see how the colorway knits up and how far one ball of yarn goes. It is exactly what I need to be knitting right now; a sock from memory with no pattern to follow and great yarn. Absolutely perfect. It will be my knitting at BAM Friday night for the Harry Potter Fest. We are planning to be there about 10pm.

Panda Silk is heavenly to knit. It is spun just right. It not loose so it’s not “splitty” and it doesn’t wind up on itself either. It is silky and fine. I am getting 9 spi knitting with a #1 (2.5mm) needle. Based on spi, I co 72 stitches for my sock.

I am knitting the basic Ann Norling sock pattern to see how the colorway knits up and how far one ball of it will go. I will continue to post progress so you can see too.

At home, I am packing up everything. This afternoon, I am packing up my yarn room so I can keep out what I think I might need for the next two months. I have no idea what I am going to need for two months. I did get sock yarn out of storage. Joe and I with Tugley will be moving into a corporate efficiency apt in Houston until the house is completed. I will have the computer so I can post.

I am sooo glad I knit………

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Knitman said...

This sock looks interesting, he way the pattern is going. Looking forward to seeing the completed sock.