Monday, July 16, 2007

Knitting and House Update

Joe and I took a few days off and went to Houston. We checked on the house and progress has been slower than we would like. We found a little Hispanic gentleman sitting on top of a large stack of sheetrock smoking a cigarette; looking a bit surly! I am guessing we must have intruded on his lunch break.
There's going to be a couple of weeks between moving out of this house and into the new house. It looks like there may be another hotel stay in our near future.

This is the "test" knit for the Panda Silk sock design for Crystal Palace. (this is Panda Cotton, though, not wanting to confuse you) I only had to knit thru the complete eyelet pattern, heel flap, turned heel, and gusset pu stitches. At some time in the next few days, this sock pattern, Beaded Eyelet Trouser Sock, will be a free pattern on their website. When it's posted, I will provide a link here.

It rained, again, while we were in Houston which is the reason we didn't drive on to Fredericksburg. It has been a particularly rainy Summer, which has been a PIA when you are trying to build a house. We went to Market Street in The Woodlands, walked around some and then dined at Brio.

OTN - I have Joe's mitts in American Buffalo going but I haven't been able to focus on those the last couple of days. I need "mindless" knitting. You know, the kind you don't have to think about. Susan at Crystal Palace came to the rescue. A little box arrived today with some of the new shaded Panda Silk. She has requested a basic sock which is perfect for now. (I still have to go "rescue" my sock yarn from storage)


Knitman said...

WoW! To the house....

Anonymous said...

Pink Panda Silk is sooo beautiful, and the pattern is sweet.
Look forward to seeing it finished...dalp % in Gillis