Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More Panda Silk Sock Knitting

In the middle of all the craziness in my house right now, I am knitting....
I am just about to the toe decreases for this sock. The color really screams Fall and Halloween. Pippi Longstocking keeps coming to my mind; maybe it's the striping! I think I am going to request 2 balls of this colorway for socks for ME! Of course, Panda Silk is a dream to knit with. Last week at our Knit Night Out, we passed it around with lots of ooohing and aawwhing as it made its way along the tables of knitters.
It seems that a ball of Panda Silk goes a loooong way. After CO 72 sts, I have knit a 6" ribbed cuff and I am now well into a normal foot length with yarn to spare. I dare say that 2 balls will easily make a pair of socks for most knitters with an average size foot. On second thought, what is average any more?

Below, is the center back of the heel flap. Isn't that cool looking? I do like the stripes with the pooling down the center. I probably couldn't do that again if I tried - desperately.

House Update - we have sheetrock! Yea! This is the living room looking into the kitchen/dining room. The outside still looks pretty much the same. Until they clear the construction debris from the front yard and pour the driveway, there won't be much improvement there.

Beginning this Thursday, Joe and I will be at Kim's house kidsitting Kayla and Matthew while she and Todd take a 10-day vacation. I have packed lots of knitting and the latest Harry Potter book. Joe looked at me this afternoon and asked what he was going to do! I told him he had better find something to take along to keep him busy too! He has a sock in progress...
We are in the middle of packing up the whole house. I wander from room to room trying to "know" what I am going to need the next couple of months. The rest of everything gets packed and goes to storage until the house is finished. I have put together a semi-good-sized stash of yarn, needles and books. I already miss my stuff.....

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Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Hi Debbie,

I love the sock! You are knitting the very first Panda Silk sock anywhere in the printed color - and you knitting the very first solid color with that beaded cuff sock! Thanks for being our Tryer Outer!

The house is looking great - I love the arched tops on your door ways!

Susan at CPY

Anonymous said...

I love the way the pattern of the varigation is placing itself. And I just love the way they feel, Soft as silk. I love where the fireplace sets, you can enjoy in the living area, as well as, the kitchen. Beautiful... take care,
dalp knitting in Gillis

scrub with needles said...

Your new house is beautiful! I love the two sided fireplace. Good luck with moving!
I've never been to Texas but have a brother who lives there (about 1 year now) near Houston.