Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where's My Yarn?

Yesterday, Joe signed the contract to sell the house we are living in. It sold in just over one week on the market. WOW! Our house in Houston isn’t going to be ready when we have to move out of this one! I was afraid that would happen. So, we decided to pack up, store everything and move into an extended stay hotel near our house under construction so we can go check on it every other day or so. (remembering 4 months in a hotel after Hurricane Rita, this is like bad dejavu) We figure as it nears completion, it’s a good time to be there! I am quietly, happily thinking about lots of knitting time and what knitting accoutrements I should pack! Joe says we will start packing now room by room in an orderly fashion and have this done in no time! Great, I’m thinking. He is actually going to help me pack! I am so impressed!

The next morning, Kim, Matthew, Kayla and I drive to Jennings to spend the day with Pam, Alexis and Jayden. We had a wonderful day lunching together and passing baby Jayden around. I took some wonderful pictures of all the kids.

I got home about 5pm; sat down while asking Joe about his day. He said he had started packing and hauled those boxes plus the ones I had already packed to the storage building. Cool! He said we needed to get “the rest of the stuff” out of that room as he pointed off to the left. I asked what room? He pointed again off to the left. I asked him incredulously if he was talking about my yarn room! He said yes! I felt the beginning of a transient anxiety attack creeping slowly across my shoulders and up the back of my neck as I asked what he had done with my yarn. He calmly replied that he had gone ahead and moved all my yarn that was already in bins to the storage building!! My mind is racing as I think, “first boxes in are always the last boxes out!” It will be a couple of months before I see my yarn again. I have to go rescue my sock yarn!! That sock yarn is my sanity! I can’t be in a hotel for even two days without my sock yarn!

This is where about 15 large, clear plastic bins of my yarn, including my sock yarn, used to be.

(that little white storage shelf thing to the left has a few skeins of sock yarn in it, but the bins in storage have the yarn I want to design Christmas Stockings in for the new house) The next trip to the storage place I am getting my sock yarn..............

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