Thursday, July 5, 2007

Shoulda Swatched

Joe's Newsboy Cap

Okay listen up all you beginner and somewhat accomplished knitters, (aka those like me who think they are better knitters than they really are), checking your gauge is IMPORTANT!!! I just finished the Newsboy Cap featured in July Creative Knitting Magazine, it was a intermediate level project, i.e. more than part time practitioner of the art…..OK

Anyway, to make a long and “salty” story short, my gauge it turns out must have been about a quarter bigger than that suggested by the designer, cause the dang hat is HUGE. Debbie said I must have Harry Potter on the brain cause it would fit Hagrid!!!! Where is my wand when I need it, probably stuck up my butt where my knitting needles should have been on this one…ouch! I found the pattern somewhat hard to decipher even with some help from Debbie, but overall I got through it. The bill is just slightly overlarge, like about 5 inches, but you ladies know how we guys are about size and inches and such…

So, to all my knitting friends that are just learning the craft, pay attention to the directions, and most importantly, make sure you do a gauge swatch on new projects. If you are not sure about having it right, make a trip to your LYS, or your knitting group, or your guru to get help. It will make all the difference in the outcome of your project. As most of you know, it is just heartbreaking to put so much work into something, only to have it turn out wrong and have to FROG, (I really do still hate that word), and start over.

On to my next project, another sock with a cool rib pattern I found in one of B. Walker’s books. This time I will be a good boy and finish it out all the way, heck if it turns out really great, I might even do the second one for a pair. That would be a real achievement for me, I have a bad habit of once I do something, I do not like to do the same thing again. But I guess if I want a “pair” of socks, I might have to get over it and do the second one huh?!!!

Until next time, God bless you one and all and
Knit On……Joe


Anonymous said...

If its knitted in wool, felt it...
I bit one of your grandsons would like it...I hate doing gauge, but I try and pull myself to do it now. I knitted a hat for my grandson and it fit my bunny, Buddy.... Like your stuff
dalp% in Gillis

Anonymous said...

not bit, bet your grandsonswould like it... dalp% in Gillis