Thursday, January 3, 2008

It's Time to Un-Deck the Halls

Sadly, it is time to put away all the Christmas decorations. I dread this every year. We stopped in at Kim's yesterday and she already had her tree down and put away. Starting is the hard part; once I get started, I tell myself just one more box.....

We took Alexis home yesterday doing one of those "round trips" in a day . It's 7.5 hrs of non-stop driving; but we always stop at least once, sometimes twice. Those are getting to be exhausting; hopefully we won't be doing another one for a while. I did knit on Joe's Handwarmers on the return trip. The second one is almost completed. The thumb on the first handwarmer is a little long. I will have to undo it and make it a bit shorter. The American Buffalo yarn has been so enjoyable to knit with. I think I will knit him a matching hat while I am at it. I love to knit hats! He will have a set in case he ever needs it. South Texas does have some cold days every once in a while.

This is Tugley looking dashing in his Old Navy shirt! He's wandering through the house looking for Alexis. He has just about "outgrown" the hoodie I knit for him a couple of years ago. He did wear it at Thanksgiving even though it was a little snug.

Tugley and Alexis playing.

HI Alexis!

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LizzieK8 said...

Yes, the Mickey Mouse sock is Ray's yarn...a special dye job I requested! :))))