Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Working on the Maizy Twisted Rib Sock

This is where I have spent most of my day. It's not a bad place to hang out; actually the view is nice. Gratefully, I watched a cool front blow through after lunch. The high yesterday was 79 degrees and extremely humid; completely unacceptable for January.

At the end of last Summer, while still living in Lake Charles, Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns asked me to do some sample knitting with Maizy their new yarn made from corn. After knitting with it; I designed a twisted rib sock and sent it to her. About the same time, we put our house on the market allowing 2 months for it to sell before our house in Houston would be completed. Susan emailed me saying they wanted the sock pattern especially in a larger size for men. At the same time, Dorothy, our realtor, called saying our house had sold the first week. Chaos set in as we began to pack and look for a place to live in Houston while they continued to build our house. Joe, Tugley and I stayed in an extended stay hotel for 7 weeks. We both knitted for sanity's sake. I did work the numbers out for the Maizy man's sock but then we moved into the house. Then, it was Thanksgiving and Christmas....

On top are my original notes for the ladies Maizy sock. My little journal actually got left at the hotel in a large storage cabinet for 3 weeks. (I don't even want to think back to the morning I realized I had left a large tote of yarn, needles, and personal knitting stuff at the hotel) On the left underneath, are the notes made while in the hotel working out the design in a large man's size. It's an absolute miracle after all the chaos from the move that I still had those notes AND could find them! At the right is the finished printed version for both! Hip Hip Hooray! Yee-Ha! (Texan)

Above is one of my original pictures of the Twisted Rib sock in Maizy. I really do like it. Crystal Palace still has a picture of my knitted sock here. I am going to proof the printed versions and email them out tomorrow morning. (now I am going to the kitchen for a margarita)

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