Monday, January 1, 2007

Crystal Palace Bamboozle Socks

I LOVE these socks - they are really thick and luxurious! Bamboozle is a bamboo blend from Crystal Palace. Silky, silky, silky. I see these socks being worn in the evening by the fireplace; knitting, of course. :)
You can't really see them; but there are beads along the ruffle. They are the same color as the yarn. (I bead a lot of stuff)

Bamboozle - fabulous stuff!

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Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Debbie -

Your socks arrived and are fabulous!
The beads are wonderful.
I packed them today to take to our yarn show - remind me what size needles you used, too?

You are SUCH an even knitter - everyone in the CPY office has been marveling at your work!

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns