Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knot Head Baby Socks and Hat

After knitting and frogging a bit; I have come up with a baby sock pattern in sock yarn that looks like I want it to. I love this sock! It just looks like a little boy; perfect for baby Jaden. They are fun to knit because they are so QUICK.

Self-striping yarns makes wide stripes on baby socks and hats because they are small. It is easy to manipulate the stripes. This pic shows where I cut the yarn to end the white/black jacquard and tied on the next blue stripe. I decided where I wanted to start the CO and made sure I started the second sock in the same place. These are so much fun - I have been searching thru my leftover sock yarn to make some more!

Ta-Da! This is the finished set. Joe has dubbed it the "Knothead Hat and Socks" and it does seem appropriate. This is going to Pam's Baby Shower - she hasn't seen this set and she doesn't look at the blog!( tehe) It is hard to surprise her most of the time.

It is so much fun to make something that doesn't take forever and looks so cute!

This is the food scale I got to measure yarn. It seems to do what I need it to do; measuring ounces and grams changing to either one easily. I have found that 1 gr is the smallest amount that it will weigh and that's a tiny ball of yarn!

For my Knitting Girlfriends -

Knot Head Baby Socks

Sock yarn
#1.5 dps using 5 needles

CO 40 sts (10 sts on ea needle)
takes 24" if using long tail CO
rib k3 p2 for 2"
Knit 6 rounds

Heel Flap - 20 sts
Row1 - K across needles #1 & #2, turn
Row2 - Sl1, p across, turn
Row3 - Sl1, k across, turn
Knit 14 rows, including Row1 ending with a purl row

Heel Turn
Sl1, k12, ssk, turn
Sl1, p6, p2tog, turn
cont until last st is worked leaving 8 sts
Sl1, knit across

PU 7 sts ea side
Decrease according back to 10 sts ea needle
Knit 10 rounds (foot measures 4" finished)
Alter the length of the foot in these rounds

Begin Toe Decreases
Dec every other round to 20 sts (5 sts ea needle)
Dec every round to 8 sts (2 sts ea needle)
Draw yarn thru rem sts and weave ends

Designed and Copyright by Debbie Haymark 1/2007
For Personal Use Only


Diane said...

Just adorable. That little man will be so well dressed

Sharon said...

Very cute and I know they will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

These socks are so cute. I figured I'd try them.Could you please post the full instructions for the heel turn. I am new to this and not sure how to figure it out.
Thank You
Northweat Indiana

Kathy said...

i love your little sock and hat. Thanks for sharing the sock instructions. Where did you get the directions for the hat?? I'd like tfo knit the pair.


Anonymous said...

The socks look really cute! I will try making a pair for little Trent.

enjoying your blog

Kristine said...

How did you know I was looking for exactly this pattern??
Just to bug you -- did you decrease at all for the hat, or just keep knitting and then tie it in a knot?

And did you get the whole thing done with 50g of yarn? 100g?