Thursday, January 4, 2007

Strawberries and Limes

Aren't these great colors?! I have 6 inches of k3 p1 ribbing done on this sock. I have never knit a wide rib for my socks. I like the way it looks, stretches and it goes really fast! I do like fast.
I will be working on the heel flap tonight at our local Knit Night Out in BAM. Hopefully, I won't have to frog any of it when I get home...
We will probably have to talk about the Fiber Diet tonight. I don't know of any of my knitting friends that will be up for that.
I love this sock yarn!

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Knitting Rose said...

That is the most beautiful yarn! Those colors are sooo pretty. I can see why it would make you happy just to knit with it. I love Houston - I lived there when I was younger - it is a great town. Never say Diet!! Say Appreciation!! Appreciate your Fiber at home! With stuff this pretty - you probably have a lovely colored stash.