Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Strawberries and Limes Panda Cotton

Isn't this a fabulous colorway! It makes me happy just knitting with it. I had to come post this (Tugley has taken over my chair now). It is shades of pink with a bit of lime mixed in. This is a cotton blend but it sure feels like silk.

DH is watching the Sugar Bowl. Louisiana's LSU is playing Notre Dame in the Super Dome in New Orleans. LSU is favored to win. Howie and the Boys are calling the game. I do my best knitting watching baseball or football with Joe.

We were going to Houston tomorrow but it is supposed to RAIN 4-6 inches. We can wait until Monday. Trips to Houston guarantee about 6 hrs of uninterrupted knitting time. We make a short Starbuck's stop in Baytown...........

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