Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Panda Cotton Sock Progress

I have about 3 inches of the ribbing completed on the second sock. This ribbing goes quickly and has great stretchability. You will notice that the ribbing goes down to the toe decreases on the top of the foot of the first socks. (Ann Norling Basic Adult Sock Pattern 12A Wide Wale) The first sock is ready to be kitchenered. I still like to kitchener both socks at the same time - don't know why. (keeps "some people" from running around wearing just one sock)

Up very close (sorry if the eyes want to cross) - I wanted to show the edging with this p1 k3 rib. It looks like a tiny picot edging - a pleasant surprise.

I have this beautiful distraction on my knitting table this morning! While on the road, Joe and I were talking about how this is not my favorite time of year. Everything is brown and leafless with the wind whistling at the door. This amaryllis is tall and impressive radiating warmth and happiness in my yarn room. It's a Smith and Hawkens in a tall glass container with large red glass rounds holding "her" stable. There are 3 bloom stalks; so we should have blooms for awhile.

It's a looonnnnggg stretch now until April 1st when baseball season begins..........

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Tammy said...

Oooooh I LOVE that color! Gorgeous socks!