Sunday, January 21, 2007

Socka Baby Socks

I started a sock yesterday at Saturday Knit at BAM. I had 3" of ribbing when I got home. It just didn't look like a little boy's sock to me, so I frogged and started again. (Of course) I decided to knit this sock the way I want it to look. Yes, I am taking notes. The difference between this sock and the baby socks I have recently knitted is that this sock is knitted with sock yarn on #1.5 needles. I want a baby sock but also a sock baby Jaden can wear for awhile.

After a few frogging episodes, I have a sock that I like! There is 2" of k3 p2 ribbing (boys don't usually cuff their socks) a nice round Dutch Heel with a little rounded toe. Now, that looks like a boy's sock to me! You have to look close to see that the ribbing extends down into the light blue color.

I bought a food scale yesterday that should be sensitive enough to weigh small amounts of yarn. (I actually weighed the price tag on the scale next to the display) I don't know yet because I don't have a 9volt battery......I will weigh this sock tomorrow evening. Meanwhile, I am knitting it's twin with a hat to follow.

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