Friday, January 12, 2007

Last Night's Knit Night Out Pictures

This is a group shot - beginning on the left side of the table moving clockwise - Carole, Darline, Patricia, Christi, Jutta, Julia, Debbie W, Janet, Janet's Mom (who came to visit) and Sandy. Gina came in later and sat in the empty chair.
There was a little group off to the left in the comfy chairs - Haila, Diana and members of Diana's family.

We really have a great group of knitting friends.

At left, Patricia, Christi and Jutta discussing advanced knitting techniques :0) Jutta is knitting her second pair of Sailors Pants from Knit 2 Together. Yes, I said second pair...they really do turn out very nice. Jutta is our turbo knitter.

Julia, who is new to the group but fit right in, Debbie W (knitting socks with Colinette's Jitterbug in a gorgeous color) and Janet who is ever so patiently knitting Mr. Larry's Neverending socks. They look great and I know he will love them! (we are fixing to have some REALLY cold weather for the Gulf Coast - everyone who has handknit wool socks is going to be soooo pleased with themselves)

See, Janet is too knitting socks.
That is Haila sitting in back of Janet - in the comfy chairs.
note to group - never let Debbie W and Janet sit together. Someone always needs to sit between them. We kept hearing them say "mine IS much bigger than yours" I overheard someone ask if they were talking about their husbands....

My sister-in-law Darline :0) We actually got to sit together and knit - doesn't happen very often.

Darline and Diana have new grandsons; Trent and Jake! I wish I had gotten a picture of the Big Bad Baby Blanket Diana is knitting - it is really gorgeous! (my sandisk was full)

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moonfroggi said...

It is great to be able to see the gang even if I can't be there! I need to start working on baby stuff too. My Nephew and his wife are due March 8th. I'll just have to settle for what yarn I can find here. Tell everyone Hi. I love your site.