Sunday, January 7, 2007

Saturday Knitting

Pictures from the new digital camera; after an hour of reading the book - How can they make a tiny camera do sooo many things? Things that I will never, ever need it to do! It is completely mindboggling! Is there anyone that uses all those features? I want the settings on AUTO and have the camera make ALL the decisions for me.

What do you think about these colors for Baby Slade Stockwell? They are all great boy colors EXCEPT for that mauvy/pinkish one that stripes skinny. I have enough of this for a sweater and hat (trying to knit from Stash but not totally committed to it), I am pretty sure Dad to Be isn't going to like this. Anyway, I decided to knit another baby sock while at BAM as I accidently threw away my simple little baby sock pattern - notes and tweaking after making 3 pairs. I now have it written down again.

I have my eye on a cute little fairisle cardigan in one of Debbie Bliss' baby books. Since this will be a Spring baby; I can take my time and knit it to fit a 9 - 12 mo old.

The Crystal Palace Panda Cotton sock is coming along well. I have cuffed the 6 inch ribbing and it has a totally different look to it! Gussets are completed and it's down the stretch to the toe. This sock yarn gets rave comments from everyone that sees it; and touching it gets a lot of oooohhhs.

This will by my car knitting tomorrow. We are making a quick one day trip to Houston to see what the lot looks like cleared! Joe has to tell someone where to put the house. I think the last and best College Bowl game is on tomorrow evening. Joe watches the game and I knit........

Pictures from the tiny camera set on AUTO will follow.

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