Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Lot is Cleared

"Where's the remote to the gate?" "I don't know." Pretty as they may be with the waterfall and flags; you can't get in without the remote. Unless, of course, you are following the construction guys, utility guys, cable guys, Development people, various builders, maintenance crew or the pizza delivery guy! Residents? Not many, yet.

This is where the house will be. The guy did a pretty good job of clearing; still doesn't look like much. That little pile of trees on the ground at left is Joe's firewood (giggling and snickering). He didn't think they would leave the root stump on those!

With memories of Rita still very vivid; they are discussing how close to the house this oak will actually be. They are measuring and Sean knows exactly what the distance is. Really, I am not kidding! This tree is almost 30 ft from the location of the house. No oaks will be allowed over or nearer than 20 ft to the house. There was also a detailed conversation about flood plan or any possibility whatsoever of flooding. Soil samples are next.
Tomorrow, knitting will be back up.............

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